• Is the booking fee refundable?

    All tax fees paid to reserve the property are fully refundable during the reservation period And for a period of two weeks, if you wish for any reason, you have the option to cancel

  • What are my rights if the project management does not complete on time?

    According to Turkish law, the developer has the right to obtain a six-month extension to complete the housing project

  • Is there a specific area of ​​​​the property to nominate you for real estate residence?

    No It is only required that the price of the property be more than 70 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira

  • Is the real estate residency issued if the owner lives in a neighborhood prohibited to foreigners?

    Yes, Prohibited neighborhoods apply only to those wishing to obtain a tourist residency. As for real estate or student residency, they are not included in the ban

  • Does real estate residence nominate you for Turkish citizenship?

    No, Sorry To obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate, the price of the property must be at least 400 thousand US dollars, or its equivalent in Turkish lira

  • Is real estate residence in Turkey granted to the family?

    No Your family members can obtain tourist residence permits or other types of residence permits available to foreigners in Turkey, or some of them can be added to the property title deed in order to obtain a real estate residence with you on the same property

  • Who are the direct heirs to the property in Turkey?

    In the absence of a legal will, the first to inherit the estate of the deceased is the children, husband, or wife.

  • What is the property inheritance law in Turkey?

    It is a law applied to the legal heirs of immovable property within the Turkish territory, which determines the heirs and their specific legal shares of the estate. In general, movable property is subject to the inheritance laws of the country that the deceased owner holds its nationality, while the Turkish law is applied regarding immovable property and real estate. The inheritance tax in Turkey is relatively low, it varies depending on the value of the investor's property, where a lower percentage tax is deducted as the property price gets lower.

  • What is the inheritance tax?

    It is a tax imposed on the one who inherits the estate of the deceased person.

  • How to get Turkish citizenship?

    Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment with more than $400 thousand in Turkey, along with a pledge not to sell the property for 3 years.

  • What is the new Turkish citizenship law?

    The citizenship law in Turkey which is published in the Turkish Official Newspaper on 19-09-2018 includes the possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship, according to one of the following ways: Buying a property worth more than $ 250,000, and not selling it for 3 years. A fixed investment with a value of no less than 500 thousand USD. Providing job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens at least. Depositing no less than 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank.

  • What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

    Buying a property in Turkey from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish legal person (such as buying from Turkish real estate company). The property must have a statutory title deed (a title deed must be issued to it) even if it is still under construction. The price of the property is more than 250 thousand USD. Paying the price of the property through a bank transfer from a bank outside or inside Turkey. The buyer pledges not to sell the property for 3 years.