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Buruj Real Estate, a company established in 2009 in Trabzon, is working in the field of real estate investment, and has been involved in the sale and purchase of more than 4,500 properties in Turkey. It owns several headquarters, the most important of which is the company's main headquarters in Trabzon and its main branch in Istanbul. One of the activities of the Borouge Real Estate, Construction, Tourism and Trading Group, licensed and incorporated in Turkey. We have been listed by the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce as a real estate, construction and tourism company in Turkey, our commercial registration number is 18060 and our tax number is 1910582099. You can rely on us to choose your suitable property for housing or investment, we are keen to be the trustworthy entity that gives you the best solutions and features you are looking for. Contact us to get the best advice and exclusive offers, and be one of the success partners we are proud of.


We provide full service at every step.

Real Estate Consultancy

The best real estate experts are here to help you make the right purchase, sale and investment decision

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We have a highly experienced and specialized staff to find the most suitable real estate offers in the different regions of Turkey

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We offer you all the facilities you need to prepare your property for housing or investment


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We provide full service at every step.

Abdulhadi Bukhari


Muhammed Bukhari

Assistant General Manager

Abdullah Bukhari

Real estate consultant

Abdulwasii Bukhari

Real estate consultant

Abdulkayoum Khojah

Real estate consultant


Real estate cconsultant


Persian Real estate Consultant

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