Investment in agricultural land precedes  real estate investment

Investment in agricultural land precedes real estate investment

February 11, 2023  

Turkey has a unique geographical location that has given it diverse and rich climatic conditions, fertile lands and vast areas that extend along the length and breadth of the country.

Because of all of the above, in addition to the heavy rainfall in most of its states and the presence of fresh water, whether through rivers, springs, groundwater and fertile arable land, Turkey has occupied a global position in agricultural production and has become among the top ten countries in the world in this field, namely agriculture and agricultural production .

There is no doubt that this production is multiple and diverse and is not limited to a specific product, as we mentioned because of its extension over large areas where products vary according to the climate in the state.

Some city such as Konya are famous for the production of wheat, others such as Gaziantep are famous for the production of Gaziantep pistachios or what is known in the Arab world as pistachios, and some states such as Bursa are famous for the production of berries and olives ... The detail goes on and the explanation is not intendedaccordingly .

From all that we have mentioned, we conclude that investment in the agricultural field is no less important than investment in the real estate field, but that investment in the agricultural field is a fierce competitor to real estate investment and may precede it in many advantages that qualify it for this.

The Turkish state attaches great importance to investment in the agricultural field and works to encourage it for several reasons, the most important of which is the self-sufficiency of the state and global economic competition in this field, in addition to providing job opportunities and eliminating unemployment.

There are specific conditions in case the foreigner wants to buy agricultural land for the purpose of notinvesting and each municipality is different from the other in this area and therefore the investor should check with the municipality to identify the conditions imposed by it before starting the purchase process and in this context we note the importance of the presence of the real estate guide who of course will be aware and familiar with all the necessary conditions for this and will be able to touch theinvestor's kit and save his time and effort.

These general conditions determined by Turkey include:

The investor must buy land of at least 1000square meters

There should be a founding company for the project

The company should submit a prior study of its agricultural project

In addition to the above, the Turkish state grants rewarding support to these projects. This encourages investors to engage in this area.

The investor should know in advance that investing in fertile agricultural land allocated for agriculture does not give you the right to build on it, as the state does not allow the construction of buildings on fertile agricultural land, but grants it on barren land on which the investor can buildand reclaim for agriculture.

One of the advantages of buying and investing in agricultural and rural land or the outskirts of major cities is that agricultural real estate is low in price compared to real estate in the center of cities and their centers, in addition to the fact that the investor ensures that he invests in a place the older it gets, the higher its price as our ancestors say (such as ancient gold, the more it presents a glow).

With the obsolescence of days, it is possible that these lands will join the organizational plan of the city and thus increase their price, and even if the state takes over them, the investor will receive rewarding compensation. Unlike real estate investment for buildings, allthat has increased their age is exposed to the factors of time and the investor becomes obliged to repair, cladding and restoring them in order to be fit for use, supply, sale and purchase.

In conclusion, we believe that the presence of the real estate guide contributes significantly to facilitating the purchase process and obtaining satisfactory results for the investor in the shortest time and least effort.

The difference between residential property and investment property

The difference between residential property and investment property

February 11, 2023  

First of all, the word housing carries in its meaning a lot of tranquility and comfort and approaches the heart and its tranquility and this is the whole point and the difference between buying an apartment for housing or real estate investment.

The apartment of residence, based on its meaning, must be in a comfortable and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle, streets and roads of the lungs, away from factories, noise and exhaust, close to all places of the main needs of man.

Such as schools, hospitals, health centers, small shopping places, and major transportation stations, so as to make it easier for a person to reach his work without fatigue and waste of time .

The residential apartment should be suitable for the number of family members and contain rooms, bathrooms and kitchen commensurate with the family and daily life and should be close to small gardens so that children can entertain themselves, especially if there is no private garden for the apartment, in addition to that the apartment meets the health conditions such as ventilation, the amount of sun entering the house, the breadth of the living room and the other heating system Modern and others This is a strong investment in itself, because owning an apartment with these specifications in Turkey is like a treasury that increases and does not decrease with the passage of years.

If you intend to buy a real state for investment, this is due to the purpose of buying the real state, whether it is for direct use by you or for the purpose of renting or selling later .

In any case, the real state must be for the purpose of investment in vital places, i.e. in the city's commercial center, so that it is close to airports, metro stations and mainpublic transport lines, and it must also be close to shopping centers and in areas of trade and investment movement.

If you intend to buy a real state to rent it so that it is an office or a clinic, it is worth noting that you can choose a real state that meets some conditions so that it becomes a small apartment, for example, astudent or a small family may want to rent it and this benefits you in any case .

In Turkey, we note that certain cities have become a destination for real estate investors so that they have become famous in this field and their orientation has become clear for the years to come .

For example, in the state of Istanbul, the city of Başakşehir is a vital modern center and a strong and great attraction for local and foreign investors, and it is noted that the state pays special attention to it in this area, to be a destination for real estate investment significantly and there are several factors, the most important of which is that it is located outside the earthquake line and thus it is safe for investment in the long term, especially for those who intend to buy the property for investment and sale later, and this is a profitable deal because real estate prices rise every year from the previous one by a good percentage And tempting.

In conclusion, the investor must determine his purpose of buying the property before starting to search for it because the situation varies according to the data, whoever wants to buy an apartment to live on him is looking in a different place than the one who is looking for a property for investment, each property has its own features and its specific place depending on the purpose of purchase.

Finally, the use of a real estate guide in the purchase of the property is the optimal solution that saves time and effort and makes it easier for us to get our property in a short period of time and at an affordable price, the real estate expert is the person who knows the real estate market and the developments that occur all the time

Real estate investment

Real estate investment

February 11, 2023  

Most companies tend to market real estate as the best solution to obtaining Turkish citizenship, thus losing the right to actual real estate investment and other reasons for buying a property in Turkey.

Real estate is a good and distinguished investment from time immemorial. It was known in the past as the trade that does not lose. This is explained by the fact that you buy a tangible asset whose price increases with the progress of time. Or, the price of the property may rise due to an unexpected opportunity, such as a political or service change in the area.

Turkey is a country of stability and permanent development. When you analyze the domestic product and the Turkish economy, you will notice a remarkable development by the Turkish government and investors at all levels, including the commercial and real estate tourism level in the first place, and this is what makes Turkey the most important real estate investment destination in the world.

Buying a property means buying a permanent and continuous investment. The issue is not only nationality. If you are thinking of an investment that will bring you safety and financial stability, you must first think about the type, location and future of the property, then you can think of Turkish citizenship

Conditions for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey

Conditions for obtaining real estate residency in Turkey

February 11, 2023  

Like many important countries on the world map, Turkey attracts people from all corners of the globe for multiple purposes and visitors to Turkey often fall in love with it and wish to stay in it and continue to live on its land, due to the availability of many elements of luxury for a decent living that man aspires to starting from the main infrastructure such as health, education and transportation and not ending with its beautiful nature and pleasant climate.

This is in addition to those who go to it for investment and trade specifically due to all the encouraging circumstances.

According to the statistics of the Institute of Statistics in Turkey, the number of foreign residents in Istanbul is about one and a half million approximately

Istanbul occupies the first place in this field.

The ways to get residency in Turkey vary between tourist accommodation and this is the most popular among the people. .

- And student residence, and for humanitarian residence, family residence and real estate residence - and this is the focus of our conversation in this article -

As for the conditions for obtaining real estate residency, they are:

an immovable real estate, which means owning a real estate no matter how small or large its area is such as an apartment, office, plot of land, etc. It should be noted that the value of the property in major cities must be 75,000 US dollars while the value of the real estate in small cities should not be less than 50,000 US dollars. Once you have obtained the property bricks and in order to obtain the real estate residency, you have to go to the Immigration Department with the title deed of the real estate and health insurance papers - these are not required of children under the age of 18nor parents over the age of 65 - in addition to the earthquake insurance paper.

Real estate residency is considered a relatively short-term residence as it is given for a year anda unit that you can renew as long as you are still the owner of the property .

It should be noted and noted that in the event that a person obtains real estate residence thanks to his ownership of the property, whether it is an apartment, land, hotel, office ... He cannot grant it to his children and wife, but they are granted family residence based on his real estate mother's residence, and for spouses, as long as the husband or wife is still married to the owner of the real estate residence, he gets family residence unless the divorce occurs and he is registered in the Civil Status Department, and his right to family residence is forfeited.

In addition, children after they step at theage of 18 will lose family residency, but it is possible to obtain tourist or student residency if they continue to study in Turkey and get a university seat there.

As for the caveats that the foreign person must follow when buying the real estate, he must pay attention to the presence of all official real estate papers such as the title deed and the earthquake insurance paper, and that the property is not encumbered and so on.

Some houses on the ground floors (basement) are often without (taboo).

Some houses on high floors may also be in violation of the conditions of the municipality and be without a taboo and this happens a lot as municipalities prevent some areas from building on five floors and we find that one of them built a sixth floor in violation of the building.

Therefore, it is more appropriate for the investor to look into this matter in order to avoid falling into problems with the municipality and he has gone tired in vain and has not benefited from buying the property anything. Especially if his goal isto obtain real estate residency in Turkey.

In order to obtain real estate residency properly and to avoid falling into the problems of the taboo and other things that may hinder the investor, the best solution is to use a guide and a good real estate expert who is familiar with the real estate market and its corridors .

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